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Nutritional Supplements

A decade ago, I would have laughed in the face of anyone who told me I needed supplements. Even after learning more about them and our need for them, I ignored the advice. Then I got sick. I figured that supplements worked for everyone else BUT me, and suffered from the worst seasonal allergies I'd ever experienced for two straight weeks before I finally caved. Well, actually it took that AND my 3 year-old developing allergies and asthma at the same time. I had had enough!

We started taking nutritional supplements and immediately our symptoms went away. Many people don't see results for a few days, weeks, or months, but literally, we were symptom-free after a couple of hours. I was amazed! And then I learned about all the other things these supplements can "fix" and knew that not only would the products work for everyone else, but they worked for me, too.

Enough about me! What about you? Whether you already have health problems, or you just want to prevent them, we have the products that can get your body in the best possible condition in order to fix what is causing your problems. We don't claim to cure anything; we help your body do what it needs to do to get rid of symptoms you may have been suffering from for years.

Do I really NEED to take vitamins?

Why You Need Vitamin Supplements

Okay, I know what you're thinking. I've been there. That was me in 2004. We ate organic and natural foods. (I actually MADE my daughter's baby food from scratch!) We assumed that what we were doing was enough to be healthy. After all, we are told by doctors and by "experts" that we get all we need from our food and vitamin supplements weren't necessary. Then we got sick.

Organic Isn't Enough

A recent study revealed that organic foods actually do contain more nutrition than conventionally grown foods. We already knew that organic foods were sans pesticides, another positive factor. But the debate over nutritional content has gone on for decades, and will continue to go on, as I'm sure as I write this, the studies are already being refuted. But the question is...with the increase in nutritional content, is eating organic enough, or do I need to take vitamin supplements?

Let's consider this for a moment. First of all, "eating organic" means that when you DO eat fruits and vegetables, they are organic. But how many servings are you eating? And as much as we like to feel good about eating "organic" brownies, there isn't much nutritional value in ANY brownies! We also need to consider our dairy, meat, and fish choices. Our cattle and chicken are not fed the best diets, they are injected with antibiotics and hormones, and unfortunately, eating the meat or milk of an animal provides more danger since these things accumulate in the parts that we eat, yet we can't wash it off like we wash pesticides from conventionally grown fruits and vegetables.

So let's assume that you are eating organic foods, hormone-free dairy and meat, and healthy fish. Let's also assume that you drink plenty of pure water daily, exercise regularly, and sleep 8 hours per night. Is that enough? NO.

Other Environmental Toxins

Our body is not ALL about what we eat. It is also affected by what we breathe, what is absorbed through our skin, and things like electromagnetic fields. You cannot live without allowing toxins to affect your body in some way. Even organic foods are often tainted by pesticides because pesticides are everywhere. You breathe them in when you walk out the door. You bathe in water with pesticides, chlorine, iron, lead, arsenic, mercury, hydrogen sulfide, several types of bacteria, algae, fungi and mold. And if you believe that our skin doesn't absorb these things, tell that to the pharmaceutical industry who creates drugs that go through our skin! We can now stop smoking, prevent pregnancy, AND get rid of depression by attaching a patch to our skin.

The sad fact is...

  • our food is growing less nutrient dense over time

  • we are eating less healthy foods

  • we are bombarded with environmental toxins on a daily basis

  • we are working harder and getting less rest

  • we are not exercising as much as we should (or at all...)

  • and we are being misled by the health industry on what to do about it.

Look at the Results

  • More people than ever before are dying of cancer.

  • Cardiovascular diseases claimed 910,614 lives in 2003 (37.3 percent of all deaths or 1 of every 2.7 deaths).

  • Asthma is now the most common childhood chronic disease

  • Autism rates increased by 172% in the 1990's

  • Arthritis is the number one cause of disability in America today, impacting 7 million Americans

  • In 1938, 0.5% of males were functionally sterile vs. 8% to 12% today

  • Based on death certificate data, diabetes contributed to 224,092 deaths in 2002.

  • The number of Americans with Alzheimer’s has more than doubled since 1980.

Frequently, I hear people say that cancer rates have increased because life expectancy has, and well...we HAVE to die of something, don't we? But what about the 20-30 year old women diagnosed with breast cancer? What about the 50 year old men with cancer? We are not talking about 70-80 year old people getting cancer! We are simply living too short and dying too long.

What is Happening?

First, you don't have to be a genius to know that if we were all well, we wouldn't need doctors. We only need doctors when we're sick. Most doctors know nothing about nutrition, and know even less about supplements. Are they purposefully ignorant to keep us all sick? Or are they just pawns in the ever-growing health care industry that thrives off of our illnesses? It might help you to understand more clearly if I told you that medical schools receive funding from pharmaceutical companies. I don't want to jump to conclusions, but isn't that as bad as pharmaceutical companies doing their own research on the drugs they bring to the market? If you check that article out, you will see the laws created which allowed pharmaceutical companies to transfer their research to small biotech companies, many of them founded by university researchers...the same researchers who have an integral role in educating future doctors.

Let's not forget that doctors have to make time in their busy schedules for the pharmaceutical reps to come in and sell their wares. Let's also not forget the insurance companies that are dependent on us getting sick. If we weren't, we wouldn't need them! Do you see how NOBODY in the health care industry has any motive to get us well? That certainly doesn't mean that all doctors are "in" on this, but they are certainly pawns. Then there are the doctors who inject their young patients with dangerous ingredients known as "immunizations," but don't vaccinate their own children!

We are told by doctors that nutrition doesn't have much of an effect on most of the diseases I mention above. Some doctors have read a few articles here and there, and recommend vitamin E for this, or vitamin B6 for that. So when we put our trust in the people who have had YEARS of schooling, we automatically think that a drug is going to help us before vitamins will. Do you see how backward that is? We are told that any improvement from vitamins is the "placebo effect" and just thinking that we are doing something that will work makes us feel better and reduces symptoms. Do they say that about the drugs they prescribe?

Reversing the Trend

Corruption in the health care industry is meeting its ugly fate, as more and more whistleblowers are coming forth with damaging evidence. Most notably is Kevin Trudeau, author of Natural Cures THEY Don't Want You to Know About. His book is very informative, and a great place to start if what you read above is new to you. Maybe you don't want to read a book and you want to take action now.

Whether you want to prevent disease, reduce symptoms, or simply feel better, nutritional supplements can do what you want them to do. Taken at appropriate levels, vitamins help your body repair itself. All of the environmental dangers I listed above cause damage to our bodies by causing oxidation. Your body needs a certain amount of antioxidants for day to day living, which you can get from your foods. But to protect our cells against the additional assault from all of the toxins we encounter today, we need extra vitamins and minerals, and especially antioxidants so that our cells remain healthy, do not mutate into cancer, and prevent other degenerative disease. Simply put, a thousand years ago our food was more nutritious and we didn't experience the toxic assault of today. In 2006, our food is less nutritious, and the toxic assault is through the roof!

You can certainly reverse the trend- it is NOT too late. Millions of people have already discovered how nutritional supplements can help them. I told you in the beginning that we used to think we didn't need vitamins. Okay, I took a "One A Day," (while nursing!) and figured that was enough. It wasn't.

Our Experience with Vitamins

When my daughter was about 18 months old, spring came and with it came the worst allergy season EVER for our area. I was VERY sick for about 2 weeks when I finally decided to try the vitamins I had just learned about. At the same time, my son (3) began exhibiting allergy symptoms as well as asthma. He had already suffered from croup as a baby, pneumonia at 20 months, and other various illnesses. Our vitamins arrived in the mail a few days later, and I took them. Two hours later I was symptom-free. (This is not typical; my body just responds very quickly to everything.) I held my breath that week while I watched my son, hoping his symptoms would go away as well. They did. The next 6 months showed me that children DON'T always get sick, as playmates got sick and we did not. Because we were "covered" we were able to fight off various bugs and the children didn't get sick for 6 months straight. When they did get sick, they recovered quickly.

But let me tell you how skeptical I am. The same vitamins I finally caved and took for my allergies, were the same vitamins that I knew had saved my friend's life. She had suffered from cardiomyopathy and congestive heart failure. Too old for a heart transplant, these patients are usually made as comfortable as possible until they die. She could barely walk from her bed to the door of her bedroom, and she had massive swelling all over. Her life was turned around when a friend came to visit with some bottles. Of course, she didn't want to take these vitamins offered to her, because guess what? As a registered nurse, she had learned the benefits of vitamins and had been purchasing an arsenal of various vitamins for 10 years at the local health food store. And now she was dying.

The friend told her, "these are different. What do you have to lose?" And she realized...she could try the vitamins, or she could die. All of her other options were gone. She did try the vitamins, and she did get better. It is now about 10 years later, and she is perfectly healthy. Her cardiologist stated that she had the, "heart of a young woman." (Yet the cardiologist does not share her information with other patients.) It only took weeks for her symptoms to disappear, one by one, and months later, she was CURED. The only drugs she takes today are natural hormone replacements.

Yes, even AFTER I knew that, I doubted that the vitamins would work for my allergies. I have heard tons of other stories, and the more time that goes by, the more I realize what a good thing we have. Certainly NOT all vitamins are created equally. This is why some people say, "Vitamins did nothing for me...they don't work..." I would say the same thing if I were taking a Centrum or One-A-Day vitamins, and as my friend experienced, many vitamins found on the health store shelves. What should you look for?

What to Look for in Nutritional Supplements

Dr. Ray Strand, author of What Your Doctor Doesn't Know About Nutritional Supplements May Be Killing You was once a doctor as described above. He admittedly believed for many years that we got everything we needed from food. Similar to the story above, his wife, who had suffered from fibromyalgia for many years, was approached by a friend to try some vitamins. Seeing her regain her life, especially after he was unable to help her, Dr. Strand realized there was something to these vitamins.

As you have already probably figured out, all of the testimonies I've shared come from the same nutritional supplement program. I could go on all day about these and why they are better than any other company, but I expect you to do your own due diligence. Don't believe ME! See for yourself.

The Best VitaminsThe vitamins are available for ages two years and up (and earlier when they are crushed up). If you don't see the need for vitamins because you aren't sick, please realize that cancer grows for 10-20 years before it is detectable. Those of us with asthma, allergies, fatigue, etc. who seek out help for our symptoms are actually very lucky. As we take our supplements to relieve symptoms, we are simultaneously protecting our bodies from cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer's. I hope you now realize why YOU need to take vitamin supplements. If not for your health today, for your health tomorrow, when you can be living life rather than slowly dying from a disabling degenerative disease. The choice is yours. Please choose wisely!

The vitamins above are not affordable to everyone. Personally, I would take them for at least one month. Then, I would switch to what I feel strongly is second best: Life Force Multiple from Source Naturals.

We are currently taking Life Force Multiple and doing well on them. We also take additional (5,000 IU) Vitamin D as well as hemp seed oil. We have all had our Vitamin D levels checked and they were low. My son was able to raise his by taking 50,000 IU once per week, in addition to the Vitamin D with K daily. We had our Vitamin D tested right after summer, so it is not normal that our levels were low, especially since I spend a lot of time outside gardening and none of us wear sunscreen. So even if you are tan and think you get enough sun, make sure your Vitamin D is level is where it should be!

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