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We have recently updated our site, and slowly our health articles and info pages will be added to this new site. We appreciate your patience while we work behind the scenes.

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About Eve's Best

We have been a work at home family since 2003, when I started The Diaper Lady. As my children grew out of diapers and I learned more about healthier living, my focus soon changed and I added more products that were geared for the whole family. That is when I started Eve's Best. The more I learn about better products and a better way of doing things, the more I add to Eve's Best!

In 2004 I learned about nutritional supplements and how important they are for both children and adults. Learning it was one thing, trying it was another! But we did, and we have been taking high quality nutritional supplements ever since. It slowly followed that we wanted to breathe clean air, and drink fluoride/contamination-free water. Non-toxic cleaning products soon joined the list. What we have gone through is a process- a journey- and everyone has their time of awareness and action. We hope that when you are ready to take action for your own home that you think of Eve's Best and trust us to help you make your home a safe, healthy environment.

Why buy from Eve's Best?

I realize you have a number of on-line store options, and I want to let you know how much your purchase means to us. Not only do we provide one to one customer service, but we consider each customer a very important person who has chosen us in which to put their trust. That means a lot to us! When you make a purchase from Eve's Best, you are supporting a family, and also supporting a community. We live in south central Kansas, and when we shop we put our money into our community.

I hope you enjoy your visit, and I hope that you come back later to see what we've added!

Thank you for shopping,

Evie Maddox, Owner