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We have recently updated our site, and slowly our health articles and info pages will be added to this new site. We appreciate your patience while we work behind the scenes.

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Included here are numerous blogs that we maintain as well as health information and other small businesses that we want to share. I hope that you find these useful and informative sites.

Our Blogs

  • Your Health Matters
    Information that I feel is very important regarding alternative health care.
  • Waterwise Distillers
    Information about water distillers and health benefits of drinking distilled water.
  • Prevent SIDS
    Information updating misconceptions on the internet about crib death and healthy parenting practices.
  • SIDS Prevention 101
    Everything you need to know about mattress wrapping for crib death prevention and the toxic gas theory.
  • Natural Baby Care
    The things parents should do to produce healthy, thriving infants and children.
  • The Diaper Lady
    Everything you need to know about cloth diapering and natural parenting.
  • Stay at Home Child
    Our life as a homeschooling family.

Health Resources

  • Chris Beat Cancer
    Our absolute favorite cancer survivor, Chris Wark, has made it his purpose to save you, too.
  • Sanoviv
    Integrative medical and health institute for people who have money or the means to raise it.
  • Riordan Clinic
    Integrative medical facility in Kansas, with an online store of supplements and other healthy products.

Health Products