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BabeSafe Mattress Covers

BabeSafe mattress covers have grown in popularity during the past decades of their use. While some parents simply want to provide a "clean" sleep surface for their new babies, many other parents realize babies sleeping on mattresses wrapped in BabeSafe mattress covers are protected from crib death, also known as SIDS. The history and success of the BabeSafe cover helps prove the validity of the toxic gas theory for crib death. You can learn more by reading Dr. Sprott's book, The Cot Death Cover-up?BabeSafe mattress cover

The BabeSafe mattress cover is made like a large plastic pillow case that slips over your current crib mattress. The cover protects your baby from exposure to gases generated from the elements phosphorus, arsenic and antimony. Compounds of these elements are frequently present in mattresses. You do not need to purchase a new crib or bassinet mattress to use the BabeSafe cover. As a matter of fact, it's important to note that as soon as a mattress is used the first time, it is no longer new. (We make sure to launder our clothes every week, but we sleep on the same dirty mattress every night?!) The BabeSafe mattress cover slips over your mattress, and then you seal the open end with the tape that is attached. It's that simple! More details will come with your mattress cover, but you can always contact us if you have any questions.

Why a BabeSafe Mattress Cover?

  • A small investment for your peace of mind
  • BabeSafe covers are manufactured in New Zealand to the specifications of Dr T J Sprott OBE MSc PhD.
  • The covers are made of high grade 125 micron internally plasticised polyethylene (polythene). This is a chemically inert plastic which is not capable of any "outgassing." It does not contain phthalates or BPA.
  • Your baby is always sleeping on a "clean" mattress with the BabeSafe mattress cover!
  • Easy to slip onto your current crib, bassinet, or co-sleeper mattress
  • Your baby can sleep on his/her tummy
  • Not one baby has died while sleeping on a properly wrapped mattress (and following the proper bedding protocol)
  • Babies should sleep on a wrapped mattress until at least age 12 months, but there is no reason to remove a BabeSafe cover from the mattress at all
  • Picture of "girth"To determine the correct size BabeSafe mattress cover, it is very important that you measure the girth. This measurement will determine the BabeSafe cover that best fits your mattress. The length (and girth) can be adjusted as necessary.  Covers are easily adjustable, so you would need the cover that's just bigger than your mattress in both length and girth. See options below.
  • See how to use your mattress cover below

Unfortunately, BabeSafe has ceased operations, and  we no longer have any mattress covers available. Adult mattress covers are available, and you can use the same sheeting to wrap your baby's mattress. Just cut to fit, and wrap like a present. You can find adult mattress wraps here.


How to Use Your BabeSafe Mattress Cover

Here is what a mattress looks like once the BabeSafe Mattress Cover has been put on. It looks like any other mattress, but it will not be made like a typical mattress. This is what your mattress will look like before you add the underblanket and sheet.

BabeSafe Mattress Cover on Mattress

This picture shows a bath towel being used as an underblanket. It is the perfect size. You can also use flannel blankets, 100% cotton prefold diapers sewn together, or anything else that is ALL cotton. Do not use quilted fabrics of any kind, and do not use waterproof mattress pads (these are made from the same chemicals found toxic in mattresses). If you buy a "100% cotton mattress pad" and it has a waterproof layer, it is NOT 100% cotton. Do not use these under any circumstance. Over the underblanket, place your fitted sheet, preferably one that has stretch since they usually fit tighter. That helps to keep the towel in place.

Mattress with Towel


Incorrect Use of BabeSafe Mattress Cover

Do not use the following as bedding:

  • Sheepskin or sheep fleece underlay
  • Moisture-resistant crib mattress protector
  • Any underblanket which is not made of pure cotton
  • Acrylic blanket
  • Any blanket which contains polyester
  • Any bedding that is quilted, padded, or filled
  • Sleeping bag
  • Duvet
  • Pillows or cushions

Cleaning the Mattress and Laundering Baby's Bedding

  • The BabeSafe mattress cover IS waterproof. Wipe with a damp cloth to clean the mattress if necessary. Use no cleaning agent- just water.
  • Wash baby's bedding as it is soiled, or at least once weekly. For standard maintenance of dust mite prevention, wash in hot water.
  • Wash baby's bedding daily if he is sick or has a runny nose.
  • Use phosphorus free laundry soap or detergent.
  • Do NOT use bleach to launder baby's clothes or bedding.
  • Do NOT use fabric softener on baby's laundry.

The BabeSafe mattress cover is such a simple product, and it's hard to imagine that no one thought about it earlier. Now that we are more educated about plastics, we realize that the vinyl covered baby mattresses weren't such a good idea. While we could just wipe the mattress clean, we didn't consider the harm that vinyl might do to a baby. Now we also have fire retardants and other chemicals added to mattresses, and we can't do anything to keep a mattress clean.

The BabeSafe mattress cover is not only made from a safe plastic, it will protect your baby's mattress from spills and stains, or from simply being a gross place where drool, urine, spit up, or sweat has accumulated over months or years. When we become new parents, we make sure to get the latest bedding, stroller, car seat, bouncer, exersaucer, swing, etc. but we pay little attention to the place where a baby spends most of his first year! I know I was that way in the beginning, and most Americans are as well. I urge you to provide a clean and safe place for your baby to sleep... a BabeSafe covered mattress!