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Pink Ribbon Products

October is "National Breast Cancer Awareness Month" (NBCAM) and I am dedicating my time and energy to help anyone that sees this understand exactly what that means. Are you aware that AstraZeneca, who makes the top selling breast cancer drug tamoxifen, is the leading corporate sponsor for NBCAM? That isn't a big deal, but it's important to note that until the year 2000, AstraZeneca made agrochemicals,  including the carcinogenic herbicide acetochlor. If you examine the marketing materials provided by NBCAM, you will see no mention of carcinogens, prevention measures, or causes of breast cancer.

That is just the beginning!

As women, we are well aware of the multitude of pink ribbon products that pop up during the month of October, and even year 'round. We feel great buying make-up, jewelry, yogurt, and other products that give money- just for our breasts! So where is the problem? Take your pick...

  • Miniscule donations, while the companies rake in big bucks
  • Proceeds from products for a cancer "cure," while the chemicals IN the product is a possible carcinogen
  • Cancer organizations feeding more money into research- not for prevention, not to find the cause of cancer, but to develop new cancer drugs- that companies like AstraZeneca will make billions off of
  • Using a health crisis to make money off of the women it effects
  • Exorbitant administration costs JUST to promote the organizations and events.
  • While cancer "awareness" is the goal, few women know the TRUTH about cancer and what they or scientists can do to prevent it. Only detection awareness is pushed.

Questions You Should be Asking About Your Pink Ribbon Product

If you have bought, or are considering buying a product that will benefit a Pink Ribbon Campaign, ask yourself these questions

What You Need to Know About Cancer

The typical person, upon getting a cancer diagnosis, will go to an oncologist who will decide how the cancer will be treated. Some people have teams of doctors. Most people don't question their doctors, and tend to put everything into their hands. "Isn't that what everyone does?" we wonder. Do they tell you this about chemotherapy? Do they tell you the side effects of conventional therapy? Have they told you about alternative natural therapies? Have they told you about the cancer statistics? Most people aren't given this information, and that is why we don't support the marketing and purchasing of Pink Ribbon Products: because Pink Ribbons don't make anyone more educated about cancer than they would be without them.

For Those Who Need it Spelled Out Clearly

...because I know you are out there. The cancer industry is withholding pertinent information from us so that we are ignorant when it comes to preventing cancer in the first place. The cancer industry only makes money when we GET cancer, so that they can "treat" it. Here is information about American Cancer Society.

Why Do We Care?

Once we learned about the causes of cancer, we did our part (and try consistently) to keep our family cancer-free. We take nutritional supplements, drink distilled water, eat organic food, make our own cleaning supplies, stay active, and live as stress-free as possible. We decided to stop throwing our money away at cancer organizations and use it to provide a healthy lifestyle for our family. We cannot sit back and allow people to continue donating to cancer organizations after what we have learned. It benefits NOBODY, especially not you. We want to tell as many people as possible that there are alternatives, because their doctors are not telling them. We would love for you to shop our store. But that's not what this is about. Yes, we sell products that protect your body from carcinogens, and distillers that get carcinogens out of your drinking water, etc. We sell them because of what they do, not to take advantage of people! I recently made some points similar to what you see here, and encouraged women to put their money into nutritional supplements instead of donating it to cancer organizations. Wow- I found out that it was wrong to try and "make money" off of people by informing them of the truth! Although, it's supposed to be okay for the Pink Ribbon Campaigns to take your money and do whatever they want to with it? At least when you buy supplements for your family, you know what it's going to! Is there a double standard? We will purchase Pink Ribbon products when they support:

  • Cancer prevention
  • Cancer treatment for socio-economically deprived families
  • Helping families afford organic food
  • Educating families on carcinogens found in products they use/eat every day
  • Sharing alternative treatments to cancer
  • Promoting healthy lifestyle changes
  • Prevention organizations

Are ALL Cancer Organizations Bad?

While the main reasoning of cancer organizations is corrupt, not everything they do is bad. They do provide support for those suffering from cancer, and provide some services. They have excellent programs for cancer survivors to help cancer sufferers deal with their disease. But everything they do is tainted because it is all based on lies: omission of information= lies. People with an emotional attachment to cancer (survivors) are often the strongest supporters of cancer organizations because they are simply happy to be alive. They are under the mistaken assumption that the cancer organizations they support are responsible for their success in battling cancer. That could not be farther from the truth.

For Cancer Survivors

You are a survivor, not because the drugs did not kill you, or because the cancer did not kill you, but because it was not your time to go. God has more work for you on this earth, and it is not in the hands of the doctors or cancer organizations. You are not alive because billions of dollars were spent on drug research. You are alive because your body won over chemicals that have killed other people. Stay strong, stay healthy, and do everything you can to stay cancer free and out of the mainstream medical establishment. Should you get a second diagnosis of cancer, please contact Sanoviv Medical Institute. I get absolutely no financial gain from this recommendation. But it is where I'm heading should I develop any kind of cancer. I pray that your future holds only excellent health and good times.

If you healed your cancer through natural alternative therapies, please share with everyone you know. Start a blog and let me know about it! I will link to it and help share your story.

Make sure you stop by our Cancer Resources page!