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Cancer Resources

We provide products at Eve's Best that we know help tremendously with preventing exposure to cancer-causing toxins. But we know that cancer still happens, and we also know that the cancer industry is a scary place to be! Here is our stance on the cancer industry, but what you probably need is help in making decisions for your treatment, or the treatment of a loved one. We will try to help with that as well.

No matter what kind of cancer you are dealing with, there are alternative therapies that you need to be aware of before you subject yourself to harmful toxins like chemotherapy. Most people don't know that there are alternatives. In most cases, we go to the doctor, listen to everything (s)he says, and believe that oncologists are the only experts on cancer and all of their advice should be followed to the letter. While I am not telling you to ignore your oncologist, question everything you are told and then question it again. Do not let the fear they put into you scare you into doing what they say. People have cured their cancers without doing chemotherapy, but your doctors will probably not tell you that! Read everything you can get your hands on, and if possible, read it before you are faced with a diagnosis. Read it again if you do get cancer.

The truth to everything is founded on KNOWLEDGE. Educate yourself about what is really going on with the cancer industry and don't get your education from the evening news. Dig deep, stay up late, and learn everything you can. While some of what you learn will require your gut instinct, you will learn enough of this information in enough places to decide that there IS cancer research not shared with the general public. We do our best to provide resources that we have found, and we will continue to add them as we find them.

Chris Beat Cancer

Chris Wark, advocate for natural healing vs chemo. Chris beat stage 3 colon cancer at age 26 by refusing chemotherapy after surgery.

The Truth About Cancer

Another great resource with lots of information about fighting cancer naturally.

Joe Tippens Cancer Protocol

This protocol helped kill the cancer growing in my mother's mouth. It was her third bout with oral squamous cell carcinoma. I will share the story in the future, but this protocol has been shown to work with numerous types of cancer.

How to Starve Cancer by Jane McLelland

How to Starve Cancer by Jane McLelland

After being given a terminal diagnosis with only a few weeks to live, Jane dug up research, some decades old, in her quest to survive. Rather than aiming to cure cancer, which in many cases is unachievable, Jane's approach was to stop it growing. Remarkably her approach not only stopped it growing, it disappeared altogether. There are now clinics following her protocol, achieving remarkable successes. This book is a game-changing new dawn in the treatment of cancer.

Cancer-Free: Your Guid to Gentle Non-toxic Healing

The book tells you how to work with the medical system anywhere in the world to save the lives of those you care about. Learn the real CAUSES of cancer. Discover treatments that really work. Natural, non-toxic treatments with no side effects. They work to offset the side effects of conventional treatments, if you elect to use those treatments.- Bill Henderson, Author

Click on the book to learn more!

Who Can Help Me When I Have Cancer

Who Can Help Me When I Have Cancer? is an excellent resource and best of all, it is completely FREE. Just click on the book!

Sanoviv Medical Center

Sanoviv is a licensed medical hospital and health retreat that strives to eliminate toxins that inhibit the body's ability to heal. The Sanoviv medical team is a highly experienced, internationally trained group of physicians, nutritionists, psychologists, and fitness experts committed to treating your whole being: mind, body and soul.

Conners Clinic

Conners Clinic is an alternative medical clinic in Minnesota with over 33 years of nutritional, metabolic and kinesiological training, education, and practice. Conners Clinic has helped many members that had NO other hope. Call them today to see if they can help you, too!