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The Best Children's Vitamins

Made in the USAThe best children's vitamins include large doses of vitamins C and E, two of the most powerful antioxidants needed by kids today. They also contain a new antioxidant phytonutrient blend of blackberry, cranberry, raspberry, and wild blueberry fruit powders. Your children will love the natural wild berry blend flavor and cute animal shapes. Parents love these vitamins because the manufacturer uses only natural flavors and sweeteners. Other children's vitamins contain aspartame which should be avoided at all costs. Do children really need vitamins?

Each bottle contains 56 animal-shaped, chewable tablets. If you calculate the daily cost to properly nutrient your child, that comes out to  $.41 per day for a child under 4, and $.82 or under per day for a child aged 4-12 years. You can't beat that for the product you are getting (not to mention the health benefits!)

These children's vitamins are appropriate for ages 2 years -12 years. One bottle lasts 2 months for a child under 4. Click here to purchase now!

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What's so Great About these Vitamins?

  • There is no aspartame. AVOID ALL VITAMINS THAT CONTAIN ASPARTAME. Additionally, these vitamins are sweetened with natural sweeteners, including xylitol, which studies have shown helps protect teeth from decay

  • The amounts are higher than the RDA. Some of the amounts are higher for a number of reasons. First, the RDA amounts are set to prevent deficiencies. They are not set at levels to promote optimum health. Leading scientists in the field of supplementation carefully put together amounts that synergistically promote healthy cells, thereby providing a healthy child.

  • There are ingredients that have no RDA level (Vitamin K, Selenium, Chromium, etc.) This is because our government, who determined the RDA levels, are quite a bit behind the scientists who spend hours every day studying vitamins, vitamin levels, and how they respond in human cells.

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