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Waterwise® 4000 Distiller and Accessories

Waterwise 4000 Water Distiller 

Includes: Distiller, glass storage bottle and 2 carbon post filter cups. Visit Waterwise Distillers to learn more about the Waterwise® 4000.  Use and Care Guide.

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Waterwise® 4000 Post Filter Cups

Post filter cups Waterwise 4000

Includes 6 post filter cups for model 4000. These will need to be changed approximately every 2-3 months. Get $4.00 off and no increase in shipping when you order two boxes!

Kleenwise Cleaner and Descaler

  Kleenwise Cleaner

Clean the inside of your distiller when minerals and other "stuff" left behind start to build up. We have very hard water, plus a water softener, and we use this about once a month. Works great! Phosphate free and biodegradable. 40 oz. Shipping to U.S. addresses only.