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No-Chem Tummy Time Mat

Introducing a common sense solution to a serious problem…

Do you know what’s hiding in your carpets?

New carpets emit up to 40 different chemicals known as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) for up to a full year after installation. VOCs are also released from carpet padding, carpet adhesive and seam sealant. These include 4-PC, PVC, mothproofing chemicals, stain repellents and flame retardants.

Got older carpets? It gets worse! Not only do they contain chemicals now banned from the market, they also accumulate other toxins, such as cigarette smoke, paint fumes and pesticides (not to mention animal feces) tracked in on shoes.

Still want to put your baby down on that carpeted floor?

Now you can do it safely, whether at your home or traveling to friends’, hotels, or other places where the flooring is made from questionable materials.

The No-Chem Tummy Time Mat is a simple sheet of 5.5 mil food grade polyethylene plastic. Just lay it down on the offending floor, lay baby’s blanket on top, and your baby is protected from anything underneath. If you are familiar with the mattress wrapping campaign, you are aware of the method of keeping toxic nerve gases out of babies’ cribs, bassinets, and pack-n-plays using the same concept.

Anything gross, toxic, or damaging to baby will be kept away with this safe, plastic barrier. Polyethylene contains no BPA, no phthalates, no vinyl or PVC, and does not off gas. It's literally safer than a standard crib mattress.

  • Each mat is approximately 4' X 6' and can be cut to the size you desire.
  • Use a cotton blanket on top of the mat for the healthiest option.
  • This product is NOT padded, but can be used on top of padded flooring such as carpet, foam play mats, and even comforters (with another blanket on top).


Make sure you also get a BabeSafe mattress cover for your baby 0-12 months!