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Hydrogen Peroxide for Vaginal Infections

I know what you're thinking: WHAT?!

And the answer is: YES

Hydrogen peroxide is the cheapest, easiest, and for most people the only effective solution to vaginal infections like bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections. If you have "tried everything" and haven't tried hydrogen peroxide, this might be your lucky day. If you aren't in the throes of an infection right now, purchase these items now so that you have them when you need them:

  • 1 bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide (which you should have at your house already!)
  • 1 box of any brand, unscented vaginal douche
  • 1 gallon distilled water (unless you have a home distiller, then you can take from what you've made at home)

If you aren't able to find unscented, purchase scented and pour out all of the contents as soon as you get home. I'm not sure if the scent ever comes out of the plastic, but this is your best shot. The scent is REALLY strong and you want to make sure you get it cleaned out, even if the scent remains in the plastic.

When you start having infection symptoms, you will empty the contents of the prepared douche, and refill with half hydrogen peroxide, and half distilled water. Follow the directions on the box for how to use the particular product you purchased. I have used straight hydrogen peroxide with no problems, but some women report that hydrogen peroxide itself can burn. If you anticipate having these issues, you can water down even more, until you know what you can tolerate.

You may experience bubbling. You may experience a LOT of bubbling. I've also experienced just a tingling/bubbling feeling without visible bubbling. You will probably experience immediate relief. I've knocked out an infection doing this about three times in three days. If your symptoms come back quickly, do it again. But once per 24 hours should suffice.

Hydrogen peroxide works for any vaginal infections you might have, as the "self cleaning oven" produces hydrogen peroxide to clean itself and restore back to a healthy environment. You are just giving it a boost.

Skeptical? Here is a study showing it works. (Image below in case the study disappears from the internet). You should be furious that this study is from 1996 and your doctor has probably never mentioned it. There are other studies, and they all result in the majority having relief using hydrogen peroxide for vaginal infections.

Hydrogen Peroxide for Bacterial Vaginosis