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Healthy Pets and What They Eat

After everything I've learned about nutrition, the FDA, and the almighty dollar over the past decade, the thing that probably still gets me the most upset is the things we feed our pets! Once guilty of this myself, our goal was to spend as little as possible on our dog food, because we figured it was all the same. It's not! Recent stories in the news of pet food recalls probably worried many for a bit, but I'm sure most of those affected went right back to the same pet food or another cheap brand that is just as bad.

What is wrong with pet food?

Just as humans have options ranging from healthy home cooked meals to the lowest quality options available at fast food restaurants, pet foods come in as many varying standards. We couldn't live very happily eating fast food or nutrient weak foods everyday, and we shouldn't expect our pets to thrive off of the lower quality food on a regular basis either.

I have owned pets most of my life, and I also have a great memory. I don't forget the way things used to be, so I believe I have picked up on a trend. As people food has gotten more grain and sugar-based and less nutritious, pet food has as well. Pets are not living as long as they once did, and they are getting more diseases and having more problems as they age. Most pet owners haven't picked up on this, perhaps because it has been accepted over time as "normal" just as we have accepted our own aging health problems. (I've also noticed that vet costs have followed the same pattern as human health care, but that's a discussion for another day).

I recently took in a dog and kitten. The dog was a two year-old rescue. He was healthy, but came to me with what I thought was ear mites. The vet wasn't too concerned, so I didn't worry, but treated it with an olive oil and tea tree oil mix that seemed to solve the problem. Months later, the dog woke up at 4 am, irritated by something in his ear. I thought a bug had gotten in there, so we went to the vet, where I discovered he had a yeast infection in his ear! I know in my heart he has this issue and many others due to the food we have been feeding him. We never switched over after adopting him, and still feed him the same stuff often recommended by vets and it's not cheap stuff, either!

One other major thing I've noticed by both the dog and the kitten (now almost full grown) is that the food we'd been using never seemed to satisfy them. It is nutrient poor, so they were always looking for more. We are now using a brand we used many years ago on different pets with success and I'm excited to see the difference in their health.

What should I feed my healthy pet?

If you want a healthy pet that lives until his or her life expectancy, I suggest you take a serious look at Life's Abundance. They have a variety of foods, supplements, treats, and pet care items all geared for keeping your pet healthy. It is the most comprehensive kibble and canned food diet you can provide for your pets.

I will report back after my pets have been on Life's Abundance for a while. My previous pets did very well on it and it will be interesting to see the behavior and health change in both my cat and dog. My cat is getting kind of porky because he is eating more than he should as he tries to get what he needs from a food that's not providing it.

Life's Abundance Products


We are now on our second bag of Life's Abundance, and I am happy to report that both animals are doing very well. We have also added another dog! The cat has lost weight in his gut and looks happier. Admittedly, we also got him neutered during this time, so I can't give all credit to the food.

I also wanted to share about the Biodeodorizer Spray. We have been using it everywhere and it works great. It's safe for humans and pets, and smells great. Make sure to get a bottle when you place your pet food order!

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