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Fluoride Dangers

It is February, 2005, and I've spent the last year giving my kids water that I *knew* was best for them. We filter water at the tap, and even at the refrigerator so that our water is as healthy as can be. (Or so I thought!) I made sure to buy the children's toothpaste without fluoride. But as I was learning the dangers about fluoride, I must have gotten distracted because I didn't research it fully until now.

I stumbled upon this information quite by accident. Someone had asked about a supplement drink for her son, and I researched it for her. I wondered why "fluoride" was included in the supplement, and quickly went to find information for her about the dangers of fluoride.

The next day, I checked the water quality of my county on-line, and saw that there was fluoride in the water. So I emailed the contact person and asked if fluoride is actually added to the water. I found out that it is, because it is a state law! He said it would be this way unless, "constituents in a political jurisdiction vote by referendum to discontinue it." He also went on to say that unless you are using a "reverse osmosis" filter, it is not likely being removed from your water.

Professional Perspectives on Water Fluoridation (Video)

Is Drinking Fluoride Safe? (Video)

Fluoride should not be taken internally for any reason. Its benefits topically are weak at best, but internally, there are NO benefits, and actually MANY negative side effects. Please check out the resources below to learn more about fluoridation and why many communities are fighting to keep (or get) fluoride out of their drinking water.

I have been told that distilled water is actually the best form of water for drinking. I have researched this fully and believe after reading a number of sources both on and off line, that distilled water is THE absolute best and only water that we should drink. For the best and most affordable distilled water, you should purchase a home water distiller. It is the only way to guarantee that you are getting true distilled water and not just water from somebody's tap. Distilling water from your tap removes fluoride, among many other things in your water that shouldn't be there!

News Release January 19, 2007- CDC Quietly Announces Fluoride Warning

American Dental Association: No Fluoride for Bottle-Fed Infants

In a little-noticed but dramatic turnaround, the nation's leading fluoride advocate, The American Dental Association (ADA), issued an alert on November 9th (2006) urging parents to avoid fluoridated water when reconstituting infant formula, warning that "Infants less than one year old may be getting more than the optimal amount of fluoride if their primary source of nutrition is powdered or liquid infant formula mixed with water containing fluoride."

The dentists are worried that fluoride exposure at this age will permanently damage teeth, not protect them. A growing body of research also links fluoride to weakened bones, reduced thyroid activity, and possibly bone cancer in boys.

The advice, however, has gone largely unheeded. Nursery Water, the nation's leading fluoridated water for babies still markets its product nationwide at Wal-Mart and other major retailers.

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America Overdosed on Fluoride - Lynn Landes (Includes e-mail correspondence in which an ADA spokesperson refutes news reports that non-fluoridated bottled water causes cavities, and what you can do to ban fluoride and educate others.)

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